Notable Decisions

New York criminal defense attorney Oliver S. Storch’s discrete, effective, and trusted legal work and advocacy has achieved favorable legal outcomes for his clients including:

  • Dismissal of drug importation conspiracy charge in the North Valley Cartel case, involving a staggering 2 million Kilos of cocaine and $10 billion dollars in money laundering for client, extradited from Colombia;
  • Non Jail dispositions in several major financial fraud cases;
  • Favorable disposition for Colombian fugitive who surrendered to US authorities in Panama, for charges in the “Super Cartel” conspiracy case featured on “60 Minutes”, 11/18/2012;
  • Obtained the largest settlement from the City of New York for an infant death by drowning;
  • Secured the release of American client’s assets attached by Swiss authorities pursuant to a mutual legal assistance request (MLAT) by the Russian Federation with a team of Swiss, United Kingdom and Danish counsel.
  • Dismissal of illegal re-entry of deported alien charges in federal district court, and a favorable decision from the U.S. Immigration Administrative Appeals Unit, declaring the client a derivative United States Citizen;
  • Negotiated with preeminent Government officials in Curacao and The Netherlands to obtain temporary protected status in Curacao for 11 Albanian women and children who fled to escape the war in the Balkans;
  • Dismissal of high profile murder charges against wrongfully accused client who languished in jail for three years and won a substantial financial settlement from the City of New York for this client in a subsequent Federal Section 1983 Civil Rights Action;
  • Dismissal of conspiracy to murder after the fact charges for client in a high profile multi-defendant organized crime racketeering case;
  • Dismissal of narcotics importation/possession conspiracy charges against client involving 275 kilograms of cocaine hidden inside fake fruit;
  • Suppression and dismissal of 29 kilograms of cocaine hidden in a secret compartment of a vehicle’s gas tank in Tennessee;
  • Not guilty verdict in a jury trial of an on-duty F.D.N.Y. member charged with grand larceny;
  • Dismissal of attempted murder charges by a successful justification defense;
  • Dismissal of criminal charges for receiving a bribe and official misconduct against a public officer;
  • Dismissal of major international financial fraud conspiracy charges for a fugitive dual citizen of the United States, without the client having to return to the United States;
  • Dismissal of criminal charges for a financial executive without the client losing a necessary professional license in DWI case;
  • Non jail disposition (home confinement) for client in major organized crime case;
  • Dismissal of criminal charges for former high ranking FDNY official in DWI case;
  • Dismissal or reduction of criminal charges for foreign nationals, which prevented their deportation from the United States;
  • Successful post conviction motions to prevent deportation of previously convicted foreign nationals.
  • Favorable disposition for a client in New York County’s largest cyber crime virtual currency banking fraud case.

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